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The UTSC Anti-Black Racism & Black Inclusion Advisory Committee (ABR-BIAC) brings together a reputable and valuable group of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners who share our commitment as they undertake initiatives to uphold, sustain, and strengthen UTSC’s strategic priorities and objectives with respect to addressing anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion at UTSC and whose enriching ideas will guide and support the campus’ efforts in all facets of our mission.

About this Initiative

UTSC is resolutely committed to addressing anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion on our campus and beyond through implementation and support of several initiatives and recommendations.

The mandate of the U of T Scarborough Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion Advisory Committee (ABR-BIAC) is to serve as an advisory body that assists the Vice -President and Principal and the Executive Team in aligning our core academic mission, the daily experiences our campus and our interactions with the external community with the goals and actions outlined in our Inspiring Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan, the Report of the University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Task Force , and the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion.

The committee will help to develop engagement frameworks that enable our teaching, learning, research, and outreach activities to be undertaken in a manner that recognizes and values community assets, promotes mutual respect, supports reciprocal partnerships with local and ot her Black communities, and generates equitable outcomes.

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